Friday, January 18, 2013

Sharing somewhere else

I've found a new way to keep myself blogging in a more real and doable way on tumblr. I've had a tumblr that has been a mini Twirl & Curl since I started this blog. The problem is that I don't love the name "Twirl & Curl." I've tried to, I really have, but this isn't the space that I feel motivated to log into and share my heart. Tumblr has turned into the place that I wish this blog could be but, to have the successful blog I want a vision needs to be there and there isn't one right now.

This means Twirl & Curl will be quiet for a while longer and it likely won't ever come to be the place I want it to be, that seems too different. You can find me here on tumblr and I hope that if it encourages you in any way or you can relate to my struggles that you follow along. It's much more honest and authentic, which I want it to be. Hopefully, I'll have a big blog again soon that becomes a website with a purpose. This isn't it, though. Here's to making the right choices to create the best year for each of us in 2013, even the ones that are hard.

Happy Friday, everyone!