Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Believe In

Encouraging others. A lot.
Speaking a positive that you think. Their hair look pretty today? Love their constant positivity? Tell them!
Pure Barre. Working out, doing the hard work, pushing myself, getting out that anger. Seeing the physical, tangible results.
Reading my Bible. Studying God's word that He has given us to read. I need to read it more.
Going to church, singing songs that ignite the light inside of me. This is not the end, friends! We have such hope and joy to look forward to. Grateful for this constant, weekly reminder.
Texting friends encouragment. Lifting them up when you have no reason to believe otherwise.
Acting purposefully towards others with the same intent that you would want someone to treat you. It comes back, start it and it will continue. Maybe not instantly but it will. Believe.
Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.
Doing the hard work. It's hard, I know it and that's the challenge. It almost is physically painful to take the next step into action, into doing. But friends, it will be so blessed. Do the work. See the results.
Failing. I learn best when I make a mistake, goof up. When I think I know something and get it wrong, that's the moment I learn. When I know the difference between x and y, the reason why. It clicks. I'm so grateful that I'm not perfect, no matter how much I want to be.
That everyone fears, that if we were all more vulnerable with what we feared we'd be able to encourage each other much more effectively. We'd be comforted in the ways we need most.
Sharing our knowledge. This is all Lara Casey, but if we collectively share our knowledge for success we'd live in a much more successful world. I'm grateful for her and her crazy power with a keyboard and her fingers. Her blog, rocks. my. world.
Making Things Happen. I believe it changes people and I cannot wait until I know it's time for me to do something, make a difference and attend. To meet the people that will encourage me to face my fears. To walk the plank and take the leap, surrounded by friends in the water no matter what.
In honesty. In facing my fears. In doing the hard work. Admitting where I fall short. Owning up to my mistakes and saying "I'm sorry," without the "buts."
Encouraging you to do what you're scared of. Face your fears, ignite the fire inside of you that makes you want to change the world.
Sit for one hour this week, challenge yourself to figure out your "why."
I plan to do it this weekend and can't wait to share it with y'all later down the road.

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