Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bursting at the Seams

Y'all, I have never been more excited for a Friday than I am at this very moment. Such good things are going to come from this weekend.

I'm turning 18 on the 18th and I'm spending my Golden Birthday Weekend in a different state with three girlfriends. The joy is overflowing out of me at this point.

I cannot wait to see what happens this weekend. We have no incredible plans, I'm not throwing an incredible party or planning to do anything illegal or questionable.

This weekend is girl time. It's rest time. It's be together time. It's be in the moment time.

I'm trying to have low expectations so that nothing but goodness can come from this weekend and I think I have just enough excitement. That's probably not ture and I probably have too much excitement bubbling over but oh my, girls I am SO grateful for this weekend.

I'm grateful to be (almost) 18. I'm grateful to be healthy. I'm grateful to be traveling. I'm grateful that I get to spend the weekend with three girl friends that I know I'm going to have a blast with. I'm grateful for giggles and laughing until your jaw and abs hurt. I'm grateful for sunshine and a good book. I'm so grateful for everything the Lord has blessed me with. So, so grateful.

As old as I now feel--okay, I should definitely not feel old at 18 but I do, I don't feel old enough to vote, to sign my life away or to serve my country--I'm trying to be grateful in the midst of it. That age is just a number.

I want to always remember that no matter how old or young I feel, I'm never not good enough to be myself. I'm never wasting my time if I'm going after my dream or filling that passion that the Lord has filled me with. It will never be a waste.

I am never not old enough. I am never too young. I would love to just see the joy in this weekend and see the joy that this next year will bring.

I'll be in college, so much will have changed a year from today. We know so little about what God's huge plan is for us, but I'm delighted in His plan for my weekend. Absolutely head-over-heals filled with joy and love for the girls and the time I'll have starting at 10am tomorrow. Two more classes and I'll be free to enjoy the sunshine, the plane ride, the giggles and the joy. I cannot wait to soak up every single moment of it.

God is good.

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