Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bringing Pure Barre Back

I feel like myself again and I'm loving it. I have to share and give y'all a little update! It'll hopefully be short and sweet, but I need to check in!

I went back to Pure Barre this afternoon and loved it. This class fires me up like nothing else. I swear, I feel beautiful, glowing and incredibly motivated to be me and do once I walk out of that room. I love it and I need it. I have begun to value myself in a new way and have realized that if Pure Barre fires me up, then it should be DONE!

I'm currently doing the James Bible study by Beth Moore and it is rocking my socks off. I want to study the Bible all the time. I want to know more, I want to know the stories and I want to get closer to Christ. The fortunate thing? I can accomplish all these wants and God will meet me every step I take. I've fallen off the Bible reading train (is it a train?) and am about to jump back on. I need to focus on what matters and if I say He matters the most to me, His word better matter to me too!

I'm feeling so good tonight. Election nights are hard because it doesn't bring out the best in others when they lose or get over zealous in their win. It's a challenging experience! Today, the election left me in a major funk, but I am so thankful for Emily Ley. She wrote an incredible letter to her son today about losing and boy, oh boy was I humbled. God is humbling me every single day and I hope I never stopped being humbled by the Lord.

I'm so thankful for the country we live in, the freedom we have and the ability for me to read the Bible and love God if I so choose. I love it. I've prayed more today than I have in forever, I need the dependency and I need the communication. He's showing me and guiding me to act with love, do what matters and to stop the many games I play with myself.

I am good enough. I am smart enough. I am perfect in the eyes of God. And so are you.

I am so thankful. God is good.

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