Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making Things Happen

At this very moment, I'm challenged to make more of myself. To crush my fears. To live more boldly. To live a life that fires me up.

I live in a world of distraction. I'm learning that in the world I live in today, the amount of distractions is out of control at any given moment. There is a reason I feel like I cannot pay attention to anything for more than fifteen minutes, it's because I don't have to.

Read one half of a post, feel inspired, write something down, open a new blog, read five blog posts, check into Facebook, look at Instagram, check Skype, Skype for an hour, eat dinner, check Facebook, stress about homework, try to do homework, get distracted, and the cycle continues every single day.

This cycle isn't just going to stop one day. Nope. It will keep going as long as I let it. It keeps going because I do not say NO to it. I say YES to the temptation of Instagram, Skype, Facebook, iPhone, GoogleReader. The sad part is that list goes on and on. It's so much more than just that.

I want to be intentional with my time. With what I accomplish and the work I accomplish.

If I spent two hours working on a project, but was distracted, could I have produced better quality work in one hour with no distractions?

When is the last time I worked without any distractions?

This week I want to do homework a little differently. I want to spend less time on my iPhone and purposefully leave it in another room. I want to limit myself to thirty minutes of GoogleReader after school. I want to challenge myself to do homework without distraction, then reach out for help.

This week I will work intentionally on my homework without distraction.
This week I will check Facebook twice a day.
This week I will take Twitter off my iPhone.
This week I will check Twitter twice a day.
This week I will check Instagram at lunch and twice after school.
This week I will be more intentional with my time.
This week I will spend thirty minutes on GoogleReader after school.
This week I will spend quiet time with God every day.

What are you going to do this week?

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