Friday, August 10, 2012

What I'm (Regretfully) Reading

(Update: As of Aug. 14th I feel convicted not to finish this book. We make choices every day and I am choosing not to finish it. I hope that you can see my heart with this post and in no way feel bad if you have read it.)

Right now I'm trying to read as much as possible before I go back to school because that's when I seem to lose all ability to read a book outside of the ones assigned. I'm trying to be more purposeful with what I'm reading and I've lost some steam in that regard lately.

I read Blue Like Jazz and loved it, an incredible book that I encourage everyone to read. It's challenged me in my faith and encouraged me in so many ways. I love it. 

After Blue Like Jazz the value of what I was reading started to decline. I don't care to read books (anymore!) that encourage infidelity, bad life choices, abuse, murder, etc. I didn't think it was that big of a deal but after reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffin I feel even more convicted to stay away from these "harmless" chic-lit book. I'm way too easily molded by these books and don't have enough strength to not let these books effect me. 

(Note: I have nothing against anyone reading these books and know that everything we read effects everyone differently. I was incredibly inspired by this post to consider what and why I'm reading the books I am.)

I was encouraged by Where We Belong to make poor decisions and those actions are not ones that I am proud of. I felt bad that I had Gone Girl on my shelf and had heard it was a book many were enjoying and was a must-read this summer. I picked it up, wasn't incredibly impressed in the beginning but stuck with it because of the rave reviews.

I'm addicted to this book and cannot wait to finish this story and see how it ends, but I wish I didn't have this story floating around in my head. Thoughts of murder, betrayal, abuse, psychotic plans and so much more are all that I seem to be able to think about. I hate it. I don't hate the book, I want to make that very clear, but I don't like how the book is making me feel. At all. 

I want to make sure everyone knows what they're getting in to before reading this book, because if I would have known I wouldn't have read it. I was up until the wee hours in the morning reading, not being able to put the book down and then not being able to sleep after I finally did. It's something I feel motivated to share about and hope that y'all can see my heart with this book.

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  1. My book choices haven't been that great right now either but I'm changing that. I was switching between Christian books and/or spiritual growth books and just for fun books. Somewhere in between I've been reading more just for fun books than spiritual growth!! I need to fix that! Thanks for the reminder!