Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have named this weekend "Review Weekend" because nothing is more important than studying to prepare for my finals. I woke up and took a trip to one of my favorite Seattle bakeries, Macrina, today. This is a trip that my dad and I usually take on our weekends together, but we haven't for months. Turns out Macrina had remodeled their space and it was absolutely gorgeous! The pastries that we brought home and had for breakfast were incredible, a fantastic start to the day!
After Macrina I hit the books, or the laptop if we want to be completely accurate. I edited all my study guides for every History test I took this semester and had all the holes filled. Hours later when I had completed this task I ventured out to get it bound together in a book at Kinkos--or technically FedEx Office, but Kinkos is ingrained in my brain because it's took unique not to be. Having my study guide bound is such a motivator to study, it makes all the information I have to know for Monday more interesting and organized. My OCD tendencies love it! I cannot wait to do the same for my biology study guides, it will be beautiful having two this semester.
Once I had had enough of studying and binding of study guides, which took two Kinkos locations, I was off to dinner with my dad! We went to Delancey which is right in our backyard and it was fantastic. Their pizza is the best I have ever had. After discovering this restaurant mere months ago I've been hooked. I could not believe that I had lived here my whole life with this incredible restaurant hidden five minutes away. If you are ever in Seattle I recommend this restaurant with no hesitation, I've been twice and both times I've found myself eating all six slices! Tonight I added arugula and garlic scapes to my margarita pizza and every bite was life-changing. It was the perfect way to end this study filled day, time to breathe is always necessary on Review Weekend and I'm so glad I got to spend this time eating magnificent food.

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