Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bookshelf: Winter Break

One of my favorite activities while on break is to read! I choose whatever book I want, there is no pressure whatsoever. If I want to read a chick-lit, all about nothing book, I will without guilt because it is guaranteed that we just read a difficult read, like Beowulf the week before. I was able to finish three books while on break and as I returned to school this week, reading has turned into something that I begin to dread. I'm off to read 20 pages of a dense history textbook, but first, here is what I read during winter break!
One Day: This was the perfect book to read by the pool everyday while on vacation! A fast read that went by quickly so I was left feeling very accomplished that I finished a book while on vacation. I was disappointed at the ending but thanks to a friend who spoiled it before I was expecting it. If I hadn't known, I would have been very upset. Odd ending, but a sweet book nonetheless!
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns): This book didn't make me laugh-out-loud but it put a huge smile on my face at times! I really enjoyed how light and easy this book was to read, it put me in a better mood! I felt like I knew who she was at the end of the book, a problem I am always faced with after reading someones blog. I know a lot about them but they know barely anything about me! It was a perfect book for me after reading dense material at school, junior year isn't a joke!
The Great Perhaps: This book was not something I expected, I found it in a little bookstore on Vashon Island and thought it looked good. It was a great read, with a different character's perspective being told every chapter I couldn't wait to keep reading to figure out the new thoughts on the same situation. It kept me hooked and ended up being a quick read, despite its lengths. Lots of books are too long and could have been cutback, this one needed every page and I still think about the characters and the storyline today. I have unanswered questions and thoughts! Be warned: some definite R-rated parts that I did not see coming, a LOT of skimming happened!

What have you been reading? Do you fill your break with reading? Check me out on GoodReads to follow all the books I read and my progress! I'd love to follow you too!

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