Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Polished Look

I have recently become obsessed with painting my nails!
A pastime that used to cause me stress because I could never get them to look perfect has now become an incredible stress reliever! My, how things change! 

I've always been consistent on what colors I choose, for two years I would paint my nails Royal Flush Blush by OPI! I will never forget that polishes name! Now I refuse to have any shine on my nails and stick to pure matte polishes. Inspired by a post by The Kennedys Among The Kardashians, here are a few of my favorite polishes!
Currently on my nails!

The only dark color that I will put on my nails. I love it, the perfect fall/winter color!
A light color, very sheer, that adds a finishing touch to your nails and outfit! I love that you can never tell when it's chipped! An extra bonus!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

I'm linking up with Amber today for "It's OK" Thursday! Hopefully I'll have a couple more posts for you throughout the week, but it's finals week so I'll try my best!

It's Ok... be done with the snow that keeps on falling and freezing. We live in Seattle, it's not supposed to hang around for this long! regret getting what you asked for, this is the week of finals that never end not want to spend another weekend studying for finals want to go sledding down your backyard, even if you are seventeen! watch countless episodes of Gilmore Girls while "studying"  LOVE Dance Moms. I'm addicted think snow is absolutely magical want to completely reorganize all of my papers from last semester, why? So that they aren't a mess for a week when I need them. I'm crazy

What are you saying "It's Ok" to this week?

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Wish Just Came True...

Finals DID go away! They have been postponed one day due to snow!! Yippeee! I could not be MORE EXCITED! Oh my gosh! Yay!

Finals, Finals, Go Away

My finals start tomorrow and I am feeling incredibly aprehensive about the history final I have tomorrow. My study guide for this class is forty-five pages long! 
There is no way that I will know all of this for tomorrow but I can at least give it my best. We are finally getting snow in Seattle and it has been absolutely magical. I am crossing my fingers for a snow-day tomorrow, who knows if they will cancel school on finals week!
I'm keeping a few mantras in mind this week as I remember to keep these finals in perspective! Yes, some of them be 20% of my grade but no matter what I can still know I tried my best. Let me know if you have any study suggestions! I hope everyone has a lovely week and had a wonderful day off!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bookshelf: Winter Break

One of my favorite activities while on break is to read! I choose whatever book I want, there is no pressure whatsoever. If I want to read a chick-lit, all about nothing book, I will without guilt because it is guaranteed that we just read a difficult read, like Beowulf the week before. I was able to finish three books while on break and as I returned to school this week, reading has turned into something that I begin to dread. I'm off to read 20 pages of a dense history textbook, but first, here is what I read during winter break!
One Day: This was the perfect book to read by the pool everyday while on vacation! A fast read that went by quickly so I was left feeling very accomplished that I finished a book while on vacation. I was disappointed at the ending but thanks to a friend who spoiled it before I was expecting it. If I hadn't known, I would have been very upset. Odd ending, but a sweet book nonetheless!
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns): This book didn't make me laugh-out-loud but it put a huge smile on my face at times! I really enjoyed how light and easy this book was to read, it put me in a better mood! I felt like I knew who she was at the end of the book, a problem I am always faced with after reading someones blog. I know a lot about them but they know barely anything about me! It was a perfect book for me after reading dense material at school, junior year isn't a joke!
The Great Perhaps: This book was not something I expected, I found it in a little bookstore on Vashon Island and thought it looked good. It was a great read, with a different character's perspective being told every chapter I couldn't wait to keep reading to figure out the new thoughts on the same situation. It kept me hooked and ended up being a quick read, despite its lengths. Lots of books are too long and could have been cutback, this one needed every page and I still think about the characters and the storyline today. I have unanswered questions and thoughts! Be warned: some definite R-rated parts that I did not see coming, a LOT of skimming happened!

What have you been reading? Do you fill your break with reading? Check me out on GoodReads to follow all the books I read and my progress! I'd love to follow you too!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

  • Try to eat a more whole diet, cut back on animal based foods but do it smart. Research and be smart! 
  • Read 40 books! I read 30 books in 2011 and I want to push myself to read 40 in 2012! My secret goal would be 52 but I would be ecstatic if I read 40! Keeping goals achievable
  • Focus more on me. Do what I want to do, when appropriate and put myself first. Don't worry so much about others, take a deep breath and let it go
  • Blog my true feelings, I kept a lot bottled in for the later half of 2011 and I can feel that building up inside of me. Journal in my blog and be able to let things out
  • Grow in my faith; attend church regularly, join a community group, attend Veritas, volunteer and talk with a pastor. Figure out if baptism is what I want at the end of 2012
  • Spend less time on TV. I want to really cut back on how much time I spend on TV and how I get addicted to it. It's something that brings me no gain whatsoever and I need to reduce!
  • Spend more time with more friends, branch out and spend time with those I usually don't see outside of school. Make new friends too!
  • Figure out what makes me happy and how I can maintain that happiness!
What are your resolutions for 2012? If you don't make resolutions, why? Did you pick a word for 2012, that was impossible for me!